Menu in English

French onionsoup€ 4,50
Tomato soup with basil€ 4,50
Mustard soup€ 4,50
Soup from the Chef€ 4,75
Carpaccio of beef€ 9,50
Carpaccio of salmon€ 9,50
Bonbon of smoked salmon and trout, mousse of trout in a jacket of salmon€ 8,50
Coburgerham with sweet melon€ 8,00
Shrimp cocktail€ 9,00
Salade du Provence (with goat cheese)€ 8,75
Salad Maison (with gamba's and bacon) € 8,75
Champignons á l’escargot (mushrooms in a crème herbsauce)€ 8,75
Snails (6 pieces)€ 8,50
Snails (12 pieces)€ 14,00
Frogs legs in herbbutter€ 9,50
Gamba’s with herbbutter€ 8,75
Coquilles Saint Jacques gratin€ 9,50
Homemade shrimpcroquettes € 8,95
Mushrooms on toast (with ham, parsley and onions)€ 8,25
Chicken fillet with fries (for the kids)€ 9,50
Cod fillet with fries (for the kids)€ 9,50
Cheese croquettes€ 14,50
Vegetarian Marketstand Chefs idea€ 15,95
Normandic Sole fillets (with a sauce of mushrooms, mussels and shrimp)€ 15,95
Dutch SoleDayprice
Stuffed Salmontrout (with shrimp)€ 16,95
Panfried Fish platter € 20,75
Gamba’s (prawns) with garlic mayonaise
€ 18,95
Seabass in Pomodori€ 16,95
Grilled Seabream€ 17,75
Salmon from the oven (on chefs own way)€ 16,95
Duck fillet in orange sauce€ 15,75
Pork fillet with mushroomsauce or peppersauce€ 16,95
Spare Ribs € 16,75
Rack of Lamb (honey and thyme sauce)€ 20,95
Brussels Rabbit (rabbits leg cooked in sauce)€ 16,95
Skewer of Beef and Pork€ 16,95
Veal T-bone€ 22,95
Veal Escalope€ 18,50
Chateau Briand Stroganoff, min. 2 persons€ 24,95 p.p.
Tournedos herbbutter, fillet steak € 24,95
Tournedos Bordelaise (Spanish sauce of laurel, pepper, herbs and red wine)€ 24,95
Tournedos Stroganoff € 24,95
Entrecôte herb butter, striploin steak€ 19,50
Entrecôte Smidse (pan fried onions and bacon)€ 19,50
Entrecôte Peppercornsauce € 19,50
Entrecôte Roquefort€ 19,50
Lady Steak, 200gram herbbutter € 18,95
Homemade Tiramisu€ 6,00
Dame Blanche (vanilla icecream with hot chocolate sauce)€ 5,75
Cerises Flambeé (flamed cherries and icecream), min. 2 persons€ 6,95 p.p.
Fresh fruit salad with lemon icecream€ 5,95
Homemade caramel pudding€ 4,95
Dame Blanche up side down (chocolate icecream with white hot chocolate sauce)€ 5,95
Grand Dessert Smidse€ 6,95
Homemade cinnamon icecream with fried apple € 5,85